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“Got Love”

  1. Got Love
  2. When The Night Calls
  3. My Imagination
  4. Music (Let’s Use It)
  5. Let It Shine
  6. Give In, Get Up, Get On!
  7. No Strings
  8. Drowning
  9. Love’s Fireworks
  10. I Feel Free

“Introducing Angela”

  1. Now That You’re Gone
  2. DNA
  3. Don’t You Dare!
  4. Man (One Of A Kind)
  5. Rumours Of Love
  6. Let’s Dance
  7. Joy & Glory
  8. The Love I’ve Been Praying For
  9. Trust In Love
  10. It Feels So Good

“Love on Loop”

  1. Don’t Say a Word (feat. R.Jay & Miss Reprazent)
  2. Party People (feat. R.Jay)
  3. Fix (feat. CJ)
  4. Love On Loop (feat. Mix Master & Miss Reprazent)
  5. Feel It Taking a Hold (feat. M’isha Bryan)
  6. Satisfy My Love (feat. Miss Reprazent)
  7. Red Wine & Cigarettes (feat. Miss Reprazent)
  8. Doctor’s in the House (feat. R.Jay)
  9. Paranoia (feat. Miss Reprazent)
  10. Love Connection (feat. Nicko Verrey)
  11. Cliche (feat. Miss Reprazent)
  12. Somebody Else’s Lover (feat. Miss Reprazent)

“Pop Shades”

  1. Dirty Filthy (feat. Lauryn Allegra)
  2. Hypnotise (feat. Sarah Newton)
  3. Oxygen (feat. Lauryn Allegra)
  4. Paint My Picture (feat. Miss Pe)
  5. Teardrops (feat. Sarah Newton)
  6. Touch the Sky (feat. Lauryn Allegra)
  7. I’m On Fire (feat. Lauryn Allegra)
  8. Ricochet (feat. Miss Pe)
  9. Colours of Love (feat. Donna Kolev)
  10. Let It Go (feat. Donna Kolev)


"Got Love"

"Now That You’re Gone"

"Don't Say a Word"

"Let's Dance"

"Party People"


"Let It Go"