After many months of hard work and featuring the vocal talents of Angela once again The Urban State’s 4th Studio album drops today – July 19th.

Got Love Album Track Listing
1.  Got Love
2. When The Night Calls
3. My Imagination
4. Music (Let’s Use It)
5. Let It Shine
6. Give In, Get Up, Get On!
7.  No Strings
8. Drowning
9. Love’s Fireworks
10. I Feel Free

The arrangement of ‘Got Love’ has a sense of upbeat joy and freedom, with the funk influence right up front and centre. Utilising the irresistible pull of funk to engage the listener, the song also explores the many facets of love, with founder -singer-songwriter Roderick Williams keen to point out that the song, to him, makes him think of the mother-son relationship. It was upon hearing the track that Roderick decided his mother’s image should grace the single’s cover. Lyrically, the song explores the depths of love and what it means to the beholder, and this is what inspired Roderick to think of his mother and their own relationship.

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The Urban State is a funk-pop collective with members in Leicester and London. Spearheaded by singer-songwriter-founder Roderick Williams, Urban State deals in immaculately crafted, eminently danceable music.


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