Funky Pop Collective, The Urban State, will release their new single “DNA” on the 5th December 2017


The Urban State have proven without a shadow of a doubt that pure funky-pop brilliance really does run through their veins!

DNA – will be released on the 5th December 2017 – this is their latest release from their highly anticipated third album – Introducing Angela – is an upbeat love song, destined to get you toe tapping along.

With its explosive big beat intro, bright and cheerful vocals and syncopated big brass sound, DNA is will bring a smile to your face.


DNA is a song for the lovers. It’s merrily tells the tale of the first embrace of true love, when you can’t get your new beau out of your heart or your mind. “Loving you is in my DNA” reflects that flush of love when you can think about nothing else.

The swell of the music, accompanied by the soaring vocals, make this a real feel-good number, with all the funky-pop and goodness that we have come to expect from this talented musical collective.

Much like the other songs on the new album, DNA is a testament to how far the band have come in recent years. Sophisticated funk sits hand in hand with catchy pop vocals, make Introducing Angela a contemporary classic in the making.

If you would like to listen to the track then check it out here…


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